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I hold a B.S. from Lehigh University in behavioral neuroscience and a PhD from UCLA in neuroscience, where I worked on induced pluripotent stem cell modeling of C9orf72-related motor neuron disease (ALS/FTD) and new generalizable models for neuromuscular disorders. I previously founded UCLA's [currently disbanded] Bitcoin Club, and have consulted with start-ups in the biotech industry involved in drug discovery for neurodegenerative disease. I currently work as an Academic Research Advisor with The Good Food Institute (GFI), a nonprofit organization acting as a think tank for applying innovative strategies toward creating a sustainable and ethical food supply via plant-based and clean, cell-based meat technologies. At GFI, my aims are to increase the activity in plant-based and clean meat-focused research and expand awareness of career opportunities in these fields. My other interests are in stem cells and regenerative medicine, neuroscience, genetic engineering, clean meat, cryptocurrencies, and schedule 1 drugs as medicine.

An overview of some of my graduate work.


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